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Review DoubleE / CADA C81021 175 Assault Rifle – Military Block

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As one of the leading domestic technology building blocks, Shuangying’s Block Gun series of building block firearms has always been a very distinctive product line of Shuangying; from the early products of the partial sports gun shape and color to the classic 98K, the appearance and play points The continuous improvement of the above has also made many building block enthusiasts talk about it.

Only when players want to find a newer and better package than 98K, they often realize a problem: this series of products has not been updated for two years…


Therefore, in June 2020, when Double Eagle launched the new Block Gun series again, we also got this long-lost building block assault rifle for the first time. What kind of experience will the players bring to the cross-version major update after two years?

Assembly process



The instruction manual of this building block assault rifle inherits Shuangying’s usual multi-volume thin book style. The steps of the two instruction manuals are quite large, and the printing is clear enough. There will be no reduction of some domestic building blocks. The manual is completely invisible. A clear question, this is seriously praised.

Since the main structure of the gun body is composed of sand-colored exterior parts, the amount of stickers is relatively small, which basically does not affect the assembly experience.


For the first time, an “L motor pro” appeared in the power components used by Shuangying this time; according to the official instructions, compared to the old L motor, the speed, torque and stability have been improved to a certain extent. Here we are also looking forward to this. The performance of different motors applied to vehicles in the technology group.

The power supply device uses a traditional dry battery box. In view of the relatively high handling strength of building blocks and firearms and the relatively high frequency of battery replacement, the quick-release battery box designed with the grip and trigger part is obviously a more suitable option than the lithium battery box commonly used by Double Eagle. However, during long-term storage, it is still recommended to disassemble and save the dry battery in the battery box.



The first subcontracting is completely used to create a retractable folding buttstock full of SCAR style. The combined feel is quite good among the domestic technology building blocks. The finished product effect of the technology panel is also satisfactory, and the appearance reduction is significantly higher than that of the Double Eagle. Various products before the Block Gun series.

Regrettably, there is a slight color difference between the panels and parts of the different technology groups. Although the sand version of the prototype gun SCAR has obvious color differences between the upper and lower receivers, it is still interesting to start the color difference color from the butt. I have a headache…



The second subcontract is mainly used for the frame of the gun body and the Picatinny rails of the upper and lower receivers, so the number of parts is also the largest among the four subcontracts; the all-pass rail on the top of the handguard is in the middle due to the limitation of the firing pin firing mechanism and the motor. I left a section alone, and the look and feel was slightly affected.



The third sub-package: includes the two short leather rails on the side of the gun body, the side panel of the upper receiver, the decorative barrel and the foldable front sight.



The trigger-battery box and magazine parts of the fourth sub-package are all designed for easy disassembly. When assembling, you need to pay attention to flattening the spring connected to the trigger under the battery box before putting it into the gun body.


The two rubber rings of the feeding mechanism inside the magazine have twisted into a very eye-catching… Mobius ring?


After putting on all the stickers and installing the straps, the SCAR of Double Eagle is complete~

Finished performance


The finished product scale of this building block SCAR composed of 1,406 parts has not doubled with the increase in the number of parts. The overall size is basically the same as the actual gun. The number of new parts is mostly used for the internal firing mechanism and the structural restoration of the skeleton parts. , The appearance reduction degree of the whole gun can be said to be the highest level among Shuangying’s series of building block gun products.

If there are any grooves in the shape, the jacks and various connecting pins of the trigger guard are still exposed. Players with conditions suggest that they can use sand-colored glossy parts to cover the vacant jacks.



Inferring from the wide straight magazine shape, the prototype selected by Shuangying for this building block SCAR is the SCAR-H that launches a 7.62mm x51 full-power projectile instead of the SCAR-L with a 5.56mm caliber. Compared with the small-caliber models facing fierce competition, the SCAR-H, whose main rivals are mostly the relics of the previous generation, M14, G3 and FAL, is undoubtedly more popular with users, and it is also a very attractive option in the purchase list of many countries. .

Well, apart from the unit price of up to $3,569…



Flip the locking mechanism on the left side of the gun body, and the butt can be folded to the right just like the original SCAR gun; the slightest deficiency is that the hinge and the locking mechanism are slightly loose, and you need to be careful when playing.



The black switch on the butt is responsible for the front and back extension of the butt; the butt of the SCAR building block of Double Eagle can be said to perfectly reproduce all the characteristics of the original gun. If it can be used for the snow boot butt that has been complained by the Appearance Association all the year round. It’s better to change to ACR butt…



The right side of the gun body is made of building blocks as a simulated shell ejection port.


The left side of the gun body is also made of a small drawing machine handle of SCAR, which is only used as a modeling part like the shell ejection port, and cannot be pulled back.



The foldable front sight and rear sight at the front and rear ends of the top all-through guide rail can also be easily removed when installing an optional sight.



The ammunition capacity of the magazine is 10 rounds. Due to the design of the bomb feeding mechanism, only a single shot can be manually loaded during backfilling, and the loading process is a bit cumbersome; considering the rate of fire of this continuous-fire gun, “fire for five seconds, and load one hour.” It may be a common scene when playing (laughs).

It is strongly recommended that Shuangying consider adding another magazine expansion pack.


Da Da Da Da Da Da Da ~


As one of the iconic features of the next-generation rifle, in order not to waste the four-sided rail of the full rifle, Double Eagle also provides a lot of separately purchased external sights and tactical equipment. The manual also contains detailed installation and use instructions.

Of course, given the effective range and ballistics of this SCAR, most of the sights should be… decorations.



Following the previous generation of conscience 98K, Shuangying’s newly launched building block SCAR in 2020 can be said to have set a new benchmark in the same series of products; still excellent part feel and detailed assembly tips make its assembly experience can be said It is quite excellent, and its appearance and play points have also been improved compared with the old products of the same series. For players in the technology group building block gun, this building block SCAR is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive kits on the market.


Of course, for the player’s personal safety considerations, coupled with the restrictions on the form of the building blocks, the launch function of this building block SCAR will be somewhat tasteless in the eyes of some players. With the blessing of the high rate of fire brought by the motor, the 10-round magazine that can only be manually filled with a single round is inevitably a shortcoming. With the occasional jamming failure, it will inevitably end up after a whim. Troublesome.

Taking into account that the price of the bare gun including the power unit of the building block SCAR has reached 269 yuan, with a full set of external sights, it has reached 419 yuan, compared with the manual price of about 150 yuan before the double eagle. Shuan is more expensive than one grade. Although the scale of parts has nearly doubled and the power unit is newly added, the price increase of about 100 yuan is already quite commendable, but as the price range rises, the opponents that compete with this building block SCAR may also be More than just building blocks…

In a sense, the building block SCAR of Double Eagle also has the biggest feature of this once avant-garde rifle: good, but expensive, and there may be some minor problems that you need to adapt to. As a set of building blocks for the technology group, this is a set of very good quality; but if you take the “gun” attribute more seriously, might it be more appropriate to go out and turn right to Jinming? (Bad Snow: I prefer Kublai!)

The above is the whole content of this issue of graphic evaluation, please pay attention to more exciting: Lego warehouse in bad snow.

I’m 93, see you next time~


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