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Review DoubleE/ CaDA C51073 Blue Phantom Roadster 1:20 Racing Cars

Table of Contents

  This time, I received the DoubleE/ CaDA C51073 Blue Phantom Roadster 1:20 Racing Cars Blocks. It shouldn’t be too late and the content will be posted immediately.

1. Reasons for choosing and not choosing

Originally, when I first saw that it was an integrated site, I was not very interested. After all, as a technology player, the chassis has always been made by myself, but because I saw that this product is equipped with programming and mobile phone remote control functions, Shuangying brand in this field should have only recently started. As a Shuangying fan, it takes some time to learn about it, so this review is here.

Two, packaging and description


The front of the package is clearly printed and the main product is prominent.

In addition to the perspective of the back of the product, there is also an introduction to the remote control of the mobile app on the back.


The independent seal with the logo of Double Eagle is a big factory style. I personally like this kind of package better than hot melt adhesive.

There is no inner lining, the advantage is that it is more environmentally friendly, but if you encounter violent express (this time there is a press box), the outer box is easier to deform.


The content of parts, stickers and manuals, the number of bricks are not too many, and the serial number is not subcontracted, but the parts are divided into bags according to the type of parts, so it is not too difficult to find.


Electrical parts are all individually packaged, and a remote control instruction is attached.


The manual is Shuangying’s consistent style, with clear printing, reasonable steps, and all necessary details.

It is worthy of recognition: the overall packaging box is well done, and the seal with the manufacturer’s independent logo is more comfortable when opened. Although the contents are not subpackaged with serial numbers, they are differentiated according to the types of parts. The instructions are consistent.

It is worth paying attention to: Although there is space in the box, it will not be over-packed, but if it is made smaller, it will reduce the chance of pressing the box (a symbolic deduction of 1 point here). Shuangying did not perform serial number division this time (although it has little effect on me, but considering some people may need it, a symbolic deduction of 1 point is required).

Score: 5-1+15-1=18

Third, the quality of parts

When unpacking the bag, it is not too difficult to find the parts as long as they are divided into piles. The cutting and materials of the stickers are excellent, and the adhesive stickers are used instead of paper stickers.


Those who are familiar with Shuangying parts know that the black pin of Shuangying is different from the design of Lego. This time, for the intubation operation, it seems that a new mold similar to Lego was opened.


The light blue brick has a little color difference, but it is personally acceptable.


Same as above, but it is not too obvious if it is not serious after completion.

This time, a new curved part was discovered, which should be unique to Shuangying, and it seems that Lego has never seen it before.

It is worthy of recognition: the level of the double eagle parts is maintained well. This time it feels more comfortable than the bricks of the previous tank. The bite and feel personally feel that it can reach the level of Lego 90%, which is worthy of the light of domestic products.

Worthy of attention: there is a little chromatic aberration in the color of the parts. Although it is not too obvious (personal feeling), it does exist. A slight deduction of 3 points is required here.

Score: 40-3=37

Four, design related

The following is a key point to talk about some of this product, I will focus on the part of the mobile app that is of personal interest.


The total time for me to take pictures of the finished pictures is 70 minutes . All the parts are used up, only one more black pin. Shuangying is very confident in its own quality inspection, and I don’t give more small parts (laughs), it’s worth a visit. It is mentioned that there are very few stickers used this time. It may be due to the 10-frame car, so there is no need to worry about the stickers. I did a little homework before writing. This car should be designed with reference to the Bugatti Vision GT (don’t hit me if you say it’s wrong, I don’t know much about sports cars). Compared with the pictures of the original car, the degree of restoration is still very high. The details are relatively well grasped. Anyway, I personally like it better. The fastening of the whole car can give 9 points (my daughter fell twice and lost the rear wing). It may be that the rear wing is easier to fall, but this The rear wing is indeed more difficult to handle. It is understandable that the designer has tried his best to stabilize it.


Let me introduce the chassis part. This time, the integrated chassis is 8 blocks wide and 20 blocks long. It feels more convenient if you want to use moc by yourself (although I am still accustomed to making the chassis by myself). Finally, Shuangying made it. The finished car is 10 blocks wide.


Chassis need to use section 35 Hao batteries, need to use the remote control section 7 2 Hao batteries, personally feel that the chassis is not made plug-in is quite regrettable, after all, this remote control car building blocks should be a power-hungry (in fact is, after all, This time I also brought Bluetooth), the chassis can be adjusted back to the normal position, this general remote control car will have it, as an integrated site, it is still very necessary.

4.1 Structural rationality

It is worthy of recognition: the entire car structure is relatively stable (except for the rear wing), there are few stickers needed, there is no special spelling, and no adjustment is required, so the spelling is relatively smooth.

Worthy of attention: this time the manufacturer did not give more small parts that are easier to miss. Although the official replenishment channel is still relatively complete, considering the time for replenishment still exists, as a player, I still hope that the manufacturer will not be too “stingy” with those small parts ( A symbolic deduction of 1 point). As an “electric tiger”, it has to be said that it is a pity that there is no built-in rechargeable battery. It is not environmentally friendly to change the battery frequently. Here I personally stand to deduct 2 points.

Score: 20-1-2=17

Remote control and APP

The above hardware part is almost the same, let’s talk about the remote control and app part.



The overall grip of the physical remote control is relatively comfortable. The buttons use micro-switches, which are also used by Shuangying (although I prefer the feel of Lego membrane buttons, which are more like the pressure feel of a game handle), press after the chassis is turned on The middle button of the physical remote control can be paired immediately. The 2.4g remote control is the strength of Double Eagle. It is more intuitive to operate. Push forward and backward on the left corresponds to the front and rear of the car, and push left and right on the right corresponds to the front wheel swing. Both are in place in one step. , There is no room for fine-tuning, this one is just like the simplest remote control car, there is nothing to say.


For speed, the distance from 1 meter to the end point is a little more than 1 second. The speed is not bad, and it is enough for general playing, and it is enough for you to play and small competitions.

  The following will focus on the remote control part of the mobile phone APP, which is also the part I am personally interested in.


Open the APP, you can see that Shuangying has produced 3 specifications of integrated chassis, namely large (L), medium (M) and small (S). This time the evaluation is a small chassis, from APP It can be seen from the picture that the other two specifications are mostly designed with technological parts, while the small ones are mainly made of bricks. After clicking on the trumpet classification, there will be a choice of three models. In fact, all three models can be connected. After all, they all have the same chassis, so I will make a distinction.


After clicking to enter, a Bluetooth connection box will appear, and it will be connected soon, and then you will see four operation modes, namely control mode, programming mode, gyroscope mode and path mode.


The remote control mode interface is relatively clear and easy to understand. Sliding the left and right sides can control the front and back and left and right. It corresponds to the physical remote control. There is a gear lever in the middle. The default is the middle. From the bottom to the top, there are three speeds, slow, medium and fast. This praise, The speed can be adjusted. Many domestic manufacturers have the ability to make this small design, but they have not done it. Then there are three preset actions at the bottom. This is also to be praised. For the same reason, many manufacturers have not done so meticulously.


When sliding the remote control, the two speed dials on the screen will follow the rotation. This is a good detail. The speed dial on the right to control the left and right is actually useless. Anyway, the front wheel of the car will swing to the end if you move it slightly, but the left controls the front and rear. But it is really useful. Push to the middle or to the end will affect the speed, the push is the fastest (similar to the PSP joystick controls the game character, the small push is walking, the push is running), and all three gears are available. Using this method to fine-tune the speed, the speed changes theoretically become relatively more (although the feeling is not too obvious when you really play), this is also worthy of recognition, this part is indeed very detailed.

Then the following is about to demonstrate the three preset actions.


S-shaped position moves better.


Walking in a circle, it seems that you haven’t walked a complete circle. Maybe it is because there is no electricity and the speed is not enough?


This one is not very stable. I don’t know if the speed is not enough or what, but I can only roughly see that it is a U.


Before starting the gyroscope control, click the start button on the right, and then swing the phone.


The size of the swing can be adjusted in speed, that is, the faster the tilt, the overall test is still no problem, but I am really not used to this method, some people may like it.


Then I will talk about the programming mode that I pay more attention to. At that time, the official publicity said that this programming is Scrath, but as a practitioner of STEAM education, I think this programming mode is the closest to Lego Wedo programming (you can see and Comparison diagram of wedo programming interface), the difference is that this is horizontal, and the parameter adjustment settings are below, while scratch is vertical and visually closer to traditional code programming. Of course, both are the same. If you are interested, you can Baidu by yourself , I won’t be burdensome. It’s also good to use a wedo layout. It’s easier to get started. As a toy with a barrier to entry, I think it’s enough. After the program is compiled, click the green triangle in the upper right corner to run it, or it’s okay. Press the save button on the side to save the programmed program.



Regarding the available modules, the above picture can be more clearly understood. Unfortunately, I personally feel that there is still a gap between this programming and my previous expectations. First of all, this programming only provides six actual actions, which are front and back. Left front, right front, left rear, right rear, the key is that the numbers below each direction represent time, so we can only adjust the time to run the corresponding action and not adjust the speed of this action. It is indeed easier to understand. , If you only edit the route, it is indeed more convenient, but as a set of programming mode, you cannot adjust the speed. I really feel that something is missing, and I feel that the degree of freedom is limited (the original intention of the programming mode is to provide enough freedom for the player ) I hope that the official website can be updated and improved later. After all, other manufacturers’ programming models can be done. I believe that Shuangying manufacturers are capable of making improvements.


The other place is the decimal point input. Although the number input panel provides decimal point input, in fact, every time you input a decimal point, it will jump back to the previous number entered, which means that the current version does not support decimal point input. Yes, so you can only use integer input to adjust the time. This is a bit strange. Although it does not have to be accurately controlled to the decimal point, it should be perfect since it is made. I look forward to updating and repairing.



Then there is the problem of action connection. You can compare the above two figures. The above figure is a programming mode where one action is followed by another action. This is an intuitive programming mode for normal beginners, but after running it can be seen that only the first one appears. Action, the subsequent actions will not run anymore. This is rather strange. I personally think it is through when the software is running the module, which leads to reading all the modules at once. Normally, you should wait for the module to run before running. The next one, especially the subscript of the action module is still time, and should not be rough. And the following program, insert a waiting module between each action module, then the operation will be normal without being through, so this The model still needs to be improved. I hope that it can be improved in the future.


Finally, there is a more interesting place. Maybe you can see that there are sound and light modules in the programming module from the previous module introduction diagram, but it is not in the programming of small cars. It may be a positioning problem. Has a little more function, but I tried to connect to this small car in medium or large mode, and there are sounds and lights in the programming module of large and medium, so if you want to use When it comes to the sound, it can actually be used there (after all, the sound is made by the mobile phone), but the light module is really no way, after all, the small chassis does not have a light.


Path mode, in simple terms, is to draw a line and then the car will follow the line, but because this car does not provide fine-tuning of the steering, so it should be approximate, I tested it, maybe because the test area is not big enough, so It feels that the one that came out is not very similar to the one that was drawn, and because this mode does not provide a tutorial (that is, should we draw from the bottom up or draw from left to right?), so if we just play, we still need a little time to test Study, but overall it is still usable, but it can’t be too demanding.


You can only draw one line at a time. If you draw it again, the previous drawing will be automatically deleted. After drawing it, click the triangle on the right to run it. The effect is still ok, but it does require a little learning cost.

4.2 Playability

It is worthy of recognition: the remote control mode is very meticulous, the functionality is very complete, and it provides fine-tuning of the speed. It is worthy of recognition. Although the gyroscope is only an action, it also has many operational subdivisions. It corresponds to the control mode. The programming mode is better. The horizontal layout of the hands-on is suitable for novices, and the learning cost is low. Although the path mode cannot be a perfect route on the hardware, it is at least made out, which increases the playability.

It is worth noting: The programming mode lacks the speed adjustment module, the degree of programmable freedom is reduced, and 2 points are deducted. There is still a small problem in the movement connection part, but it can still be used as long as the method is changed (if it is a novice who has no basic Get up), it is not easy to make up, 2 points are deducted, and the path mode does not provide templates and tutorials, which leads to a certain learning cost, and 1 point is deducted.

Score: 20-2-2-1=15

Design-related total score: 17+15=32

Five, small summary

Finally, the code is over. In general, the experience of this integrated chassis building block remote control car is still very good, whether it is the appearance or structural design or the building experience, the remote control part feels depends on the individual (after all A bit like soft and some like hard). As for the APP part, control mode, gyroscope mode and path mode, these three modes are all done well and can reach the domestic first echelon, but there are still some minor problems in the programming mode. Although it can still be used, I’m really sorry for the word “programming” for some minor problems (maybe my request is a bit high), but I believe that the manufacturer can solve it by updating the app later, if you don’t rush to program to buy this one If the car is bought with programming as an additional function, it is more suitable for players who are just starting to play with remote control of building blocks or want to make their car works faster and easier to become a remote control mocer.

6. Total score: 18+37+32=87






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